Mylo Kaye Celebrates 8 Million Video View Milestone

Mylo Kaye
3 min readMar 10, 2023
Mylo Kaye

I recently sat down with Business Insider on reaching 8 Mil views; here’s how it went down.

Mylo Kaye has been creating video content for several years and has fast built up a huge milestone on Pexels, where he shares his content for free. Eight million views have now been celebrated, and we sat down with Mylo to ask how it all began.

How did you get into content creation?

I first got into flying drones around 2013, so over 12 years ago, I remember flying my first drone, a Parrot UAV, in sport city, Manchester. You controlled using your phone Bluetooth, so it didn’t have much range and didn’t even have a camera system. That was optional! The first few flights were great. I loved it and experienced my first in-flight crash, but I love navigating the sky, inc co nnecting with other flyers on social media too.

Do you create content full-time?

Yes, this is my full-time craft, and I love it. It’s become a really big passion too, and when I’m not doing it for work, I do it in my spare time too.

What’s it like to celebrate 8 million views on Pexels?

It means a lot to me, but importantly it’s exciting to see so many people use my content for free; that’s the idea of You share your content on the platform, and users can then use this content in their projects. I also do the same; I regularly use content from Pexels in my projects. I recently had a message from a new brand, House of Nahl, which sells luxury Moroccan thobes, and wants a Manchester drone shot I did last year; they then used it in their promotion video. The guys who run it are lovely, but they wouldn’t have been able to source that content online or film it themselves. They were really thankful.

What is your favourite location that you filmed?

I always find I have my best shots when I visit Lisbon, and I found love for the place during the pandemic. The sea, the inland, the Forrests, there’s just too much to see there, and my most popular video on Pexels is one from Lisbon, with 1.6 million views. Although, a video of Manchester City stadium is creating up the rankings.

What’s your proudest moment of creating content?

Being featured in the open scene for Dragons Den was amazing. To see my drone footage on TV was exciting, but I’ve had features on Channel 4, Channel 5, and BT Sport and they all make me proud equally.

Any tips for up-and-coming creators?

Just grab a camera and film; that could be an iPhone, a drone or something like a 360 camera; the more you experiment, the better you will get at it. This is how I have learnt, along with lots of YouTube videos for help. I’m still no expert, but the one thing I always remember is to have fun!

What’s next for Mylo Kaye Aerial?

Recently I have been exploring filming content in Manchester with NeRF. This new technology is now available on iPhones, where you scan a scene using your phone, and the app turns that video into a 3D model, which you can then navigate and manipulate afterwards. Think of it like this; film 1 video the first time, and then after you have shot that video, you can then reshoot it any way you want at any point afterwards. It’s pretty cool tech.

I always want to be the first to use the latest technology; I’m super passionate about combining technology with art.


Mylo Kaye is a content creator in Manchester; you can see his content and learn more about him at: or

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