Why self-empowerment is important for good mental hygiene— Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye
4 min readOct 25, 2020


Self-empowerment is a wonderful and powerful thing. Once we have achieved it, it can feel like the world is our oyster and that nothing can bring us down — but how can we achieve that level in our life?

Mental health conditions can be tough to deal with at any time and even more so in recent times due to exacerbated levels of distress from the worldwide pandemic and the things that happened because of it. Reaching a level of self-empowerment may seem impossible but it isn’t — let’s look at how we can achieve this for ourselves.

There are many different approaches to mental health with some favouring the psychodynamic or behavioural approach whereas others favour person centred therapy. The latter will call those in therapy ‘clients’ and not ‘patients’ and they believe that it is the client who is responsible for improving their life — the therapist or counsellor is simply there to listen to them and encourage them to take the right path.

Mylo Kaye, a trainee counsellor, aims to help his clients achieve this by helping his clients consciously and rationally make decisions for themselves, guiding them when or where he feels they need guidance.

This type of therapy is much warmer and more optimistic than other types and gets results time and time again. When someone has to really think about how they can make changes to their situation and thus they finally reach self-empowerment, they can change the rest of their life as they now possess the tools they need to make those decisions. The Rogerian theory found that people have a wonderful capacity for self healing and personal growth, if only they are given the chance to nurture it and question it.

We often enter therapy expecting the therapists to work their magic to reverse the situation, telling us exactly what we need to do. It is a counsellor’s job to turn this back around and make us reflect on exactly what we could do to change the situation ourselves. There is no one particular technique that these therapists and counsellors use as each counselling relationship will be unique — the redeeming and important thing is the quality and congruence of the relationship between the client and their therapist.

We all have had those times where we could really benefit from someone to talk to and a trained counsellor such as Mylo Kaye is the perfect choice for this. They will help you work through whatever things you need to and encourage you to find the answer to your questions within you — only you can arrive at the answer, they will just guide you to the destination.

However you may be asking the question — just why is self empowerment so important? Here are just a few reasons why:

It Is Good For Your Health

There is no denying that self-empowerment can have a brilliantly positive impact on your mental health but it can also be beneficial for your physical health too. Better mental health will often mean you are making better choices and taking better care of the things that affect you physically such as eating healthier, exercising more and ensuring you get enough sleep. Being empowered also means you know what you want and how to get it which means you can get things done quicker and have more time to yourself afterwards to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You Know What You Want

Another great outcome of becoming self-empowered is you know exactly what you want. Once you have come to the realisation of how to solve your problems, you can put your plans into action and then work from there. Once you know how to achieve something and that you can actually achieve it, there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

You Can Achieve Your Goals

Finally, by knowing what you want, you have the opportunity to finally achieve those goals you have been striving for. Whether that is to change your career completely, hit an income goal or delegate more work to others, this can easily be achieved once you know what to do.

With the collective mental health of both the UK and the world having taken a hit in recent months, it is important to seek help and guidance when we are struggling so that we can find our way back again. A non-judgemental sounding board such as a therapist or a counsellor may be exactly what you need to start feeling like yourself again — you just need to find yourself again.



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